To customers
Thank you for purchasing our product. For product inquiries,
please contact our customer support email address. A person in charge who is more knowledgeable about the product will respond to you .
Customer support email address ⇒ (
Customer Support Phone Number⇒ 01-470-868-5618
Our telephone reception hours are: 10:30-12:30 15:00-18:00 (Excluding
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays, and company
holidays) Thank you for your continued support.
・When contacting us by e-mail, please specify the "order platform", "order number", and "contents of inquiry" before sending.
・When contacting us by phone, please provide the "order platform" and "order number"
・When the call was cut off due to an unexpected circumstances, etc., We will call you back.
We ask that you do not block us of your caller ID.